Specialized fields

Dr. Móré ViktóriaOur firm’s professional profile comprises business law, corporate law, property law, labour law, trademark law activities, as well as high-standard representation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

The key area of our legal services is corporate law. We contribute to company registration proceedings, preparations for and the arrangement of the sales of companies, business shares. We act for the general and comprehensive representation of business entities, non-governmental organizations, local governments and other budgetary bodies.

Relying on our experience with a number of successfully concluded contracts, we also offer legal services in the world of real-estate property matters. We have a thorough knowledge of the particular characteristics of the local property market and regulatory environment. Beyond the documentation of transactions, we also act for representation vis-á-vis the authorities concerned.

In the field of labour law, we undertake to represent employers and in certain cases employees, draft managerial and general labour contracts, contracting agreements, stand for parties at dispute in labour litigations, and offer full-scale counseling services.
Our office has seen through the utilization of a number of trademarks registered with our involvement, and therefore is in possession of extensive experience in the field of trademark registration, patent law.

We perform our legal services both in Hungarian and English.

Specialized fields

Business law, corporate law

  • Drafting of contracts
  • Due diligence services
  • Representation in matters of business law
  • Counseling in issues of business law
  • Receivables management
  • Foundation, dissolution of companies
  • Restructuring of business entities
  • Legal due diligence of companies, consultation, counseling
  • Representation vis-á-vis the company registry court, tax and other authorities

Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings

  • Representation of creditors
  • Representation of debtors
  • Contribution to the mediation

Property law

  • Drafting of sales contracts
  • Property swaps and exchange transactions
  • Voluntary conveyance
  • Land purchases
  • Lands leases
  • Counseling in other issues associated with property law

Labour law

  • Representation of employers, employees
  • Administration of the labour law matters of business entities
  • Drafting of deeds for the establishment, amendment and termination of labour relations
  • Drafting of managerial and general labour contracts, contracting agreements
  • Representation of the parties at dispute in labour litigations
  • Enforcement of labour damage claims
  • Drafting of non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Administration of group headcount reduction, restructuring, legal succession in employment

Trademark law

  • Representation in trademark-related, registration, extension, cancellation matters
  • Drafting of licensing contracts for trademarks
  • Representation in litigations in relation to the unauthorized use of trademarks